Laser Hair Removal For Women

Laser Hair Removal for Women at Affordable Prices

Laser hair removal permanently reduces the amount of hair present in the treated area and will eliminate it completely over your treatment schedule. Millions of men and women have benefited from laser hair removal over the past 20 plus years. Women no longer have to waste time with waxing, shaving, tweezing or using depliatores. Some laser hair removal devices can remove hair in a one inch by two inch spot size in less than a 1/2 of a second. Large areas can be completed in less than an hour and small areas can take less than one minute.

Laser Hair Removal Money Savings

Over the course of a lifetime individuals will save thousands of dollars in hair removal costs. You will save the cost of razors, wax and depilatories but the biggest savings is your Time. Laser hair removal will save you hundreds of hours of time from NOT shaving, waxing, tweezing or using depilatores. All in all laser hair removal is an exceptional value. Depilatory creams, razors, shaving cream, wax treatments, and other products and methods used for hair removal cost money daily, weekly, or monthly. Add up these costs over the course of a lifetime. Many people are shocked to see how much they are paying out to complete this routine task. 

Common Laser Hair Removal Areas for Women

• Upper Lip • Brazilian • Thighs
• Chin • Bikini Line • Full Face
• Underarms • Legs • Breasts
• Neck • Arms • Buttocks
• Chest / Breast  

In general here are some important things for you to do (or not do) prior to your laser hair removal treatments:

  • Shave the treatment area  atleast 24 hours before your treatment, come fresh shaven for better results, this is for comfort and effectiveness.
  • DO NOT wax, pluck, tweeze, use bleaches or hair removal creams for at least 4 weeks prior to your appointments during your treatment series. Removing the hair with these methods removes what we are trying to remove with the laser, your hair follicle.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, self tanners and tanning beds during your treatment schedule.
  • Use minimum sunblock with SPF 45 on areas to be treated that are exposed to the sun before and after treatment.
  • Pregnant women should wait until after delivery before proceeding with laser hair removal services.
  • Do not take Accutane for 6 months prior to treatment.
  • You must be off any antibiotics or photosensitive medications for 2 weeks prior to your appointment.
  • Please call us with any other questions you may have, 716-324-5525

An added benefit is the elimination of ingrown hairs! Ingrown hairs mar a person’s smooth skin and can be very painful. Depending on the hair removal method selected, razor burn and irritation lead to redness and irritation as well. Avoid these issues with the help of laser hair removal. Not only will this procedure remove the issue of new ingrown hairs, but it also helps to improve those that are already present.  

Long-Lasting Results in Little Time

When you work with our professional technicians for laser hair removal in Williamsville, you can feel confident that our team is using the best possible technology to effectively, safely, and quickly remove your unwanted hair from any part of your body, and from any color of skin. Our new laser hair removal device offers quick and virtually pain free treatments. Call and ask us how 716-324-5525!