Williamsville Laser Hair Removal

Williamsville Laser Hair Removal has the newest laser for hair removal
(virtually pain free)

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When you choose to undergo laser hair removal, you can say goodbye to plucking, waxing and shaving for good with less pain. This method is now the number one way to remove your unwanted body and facial hair. Medical professionals agree that laser hair removal is the answer for anyone who wants to achieve permanent hair reduction.

When you work with our professional technicians for laser hair removal in Williamsville, you can feel confident that our team is using the best possible technology to effectively, safely, and quickly remove your unwanted hair from any part of your body, and from any color of skin. Our new laser hair removal device offers quick and virtually pain free treatments. Call and ask us how 716-324-5525! 

Williamsville laser hair removal uses the news equipment that can remove stubborn hair from any skin color. With our services, you will enjoy outstanding hair removal results with the fewest treatments possible. Our treatments are quick, causing little to no discomfort. Even better, you achieve the silky, smooth skin you want and desire, without having to worry about razor cuts, razor burn, stubble, or shadow.

How Our Laser Hair Removal Process in Williamsville Works

The laser will focus light energy at a specific wavelength to create a narrow beam of light that will destroy your hair follicle. The laser light wavelength selected is a crucial part of achieving the desired results without causing skin damage. At the proper energy and wavelength, the light will penetrate your skin, essentially killing the hair follicle, but not causing damage to the skin and tissue nearby. The key to laser hair removal is to stay on your scheduled cycle of treatments. This way you will be treating the hairs at their most vulnerable in the process. Staying on schedule will help you achieve the Best results possible.

Hair follicles that are currently in an active phase of growth and that have adequate pigmentation will be disabled thanks to the absorbed laser energy that is applied. 

Is Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Treatment? 

Our new laser is FDA cleared for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Staying on your schedule of treatments will help get you to complete hair reduction. And our new Venus Concepts Velocity hair removal device will virtually remove pain associated with laser hair removal treatments. After each treatment, you will notice a reduction in the hair that grows back until you acheive permanent hair reduction.

However, you may need an additional treatment every few years for stray hairs or scattered regrowth that may pop through your skin. We have seen individuals that do not need any treatments after their cycle of treatments and a few people who may need a treatment for scattered hair regrowth. Scattered regrowth could be as anywhere from 10 to 50 hairs on a large area. New hair growth may occur during menopause or while taking certain medications. Regrowth can happen from different changes in your body every 3 to 7 years. From time to time, it will be necessary to schedule a touch up laser treatment for the few hair that might grow back. 

If you are interested in laser hair removal, but you aren’t sure if this treatment option is right for you, it is a good idea to schedule an initial FREE consultation. Our team can evaluate your hair removal needs to ensure you are a candidate for this treatment and customize a program just for you. Call us at 716-324-5525 now, you’ll be glad you did. Our prices are less expensive than those expensive out of town national clinics who have invaded our area. They bring all of there profits out of the area. Support your locally owned clinic!

Laser Hair Removal for Women

While not every woman likes to admit it – they all have hair. Sometimes this hair is in less than desirable areas on the body. This is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, more than 20 million women in the U.S. remove facial hair once a week, at least. While you have an array of options for hair removal, from creams and wax, to plucking and shaving, these methods are often messy, time-consuming, and they don’t always provide the desired results.

Women Laser Hair Removal

A smart option for women who want to get silky smooth skin is laser hair removal. While it is possible for laser hair removal to target any part of the body, some of the most common areas that women have treated include the chin, face, lip, underarms, bikini line, legs, and Brazilian laser hair removal.

With this treatment, you can achieve the smooth skin you want, but remember, there are some factors to consider. For example, this treatment option won’t work with some skin pigments and on some colors of hair. It is a good idea to talk with our technicians to make sure it is a viable treatment option for you.

While there are some patients who may experience a small amount of pain and discomfort while undergoing the procedure, this is not common. In fact, this procedure is mostly pain-free and will be fast and efficient. For most women, this method is preferred to shaving, waxing, and other more common methods of hair removal. 

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal isn’t just for women. For many men, they have to spend time trimming, shaving, and waxing each day to get rid of the unwanted body hair they have. This has spurred many to look into the benefits offered by laser hair removal. 

Our newest technology laser works great on men’s backs with less pain.

This is considered a more effective and longer-lasting method to get rid of body hair – for good. 

Today, the technology behind laser hair removal has advanced, which means you can undergo this procedure experiencing very little        to no pain or discomfort. 

If you want to achieve the best possible results with the laser hair removal sessions, most experts recommend scheduling six sessions performed approximately six to ten weeks apart. The reason for this is that at any time, only one of each six hairs will go all the way down to the bulb or root. In the other five hairs, the hair follicle is fired, but the bulb isn’t eliminated, which means more hair will grow. 

After aproximately 40 to 60 weeks have passed, laser hair removal will have eliminated 90 to 95 percent of all unwanted hair for men in Williamsville. 

There are some men who are self-conscious about seeking this treatment, believing it is designed exclusively for women. This is simply not the case. In fact, there are many professional athletes and male models, along with celebrities, and normal everyday people who enjoy this treatment and the benefits that it offers. 

If you are interested in this procedure, it is a good idea to schedule an initial consultation with our team to ensure you are a good candidate for this procedure. We can help you get rid of unwanted hair from all over your body. 

Laser Hair Removal Convenience 

Today, laser hair removal in Williamsville and nearby areas such as laser hair removal in Buffalo is more popular than ever. This is because it is much more convenient, and it provides a more permanent and longer-lasting solution to silky smooth skin than other skin removal methods. Also, when you invest in this service, you no longer have to worry about the mess of waxing, pain related to plucking, or the potential cutsand nicks from shaving that may occur when you shave. 

This procedure is ideal for both men and women, and over time with multiple treatments, it is possible to virtually eliminate unwanted hair permanently. While ongoing maintenance treatments may be needed overtime, the need to shave, wax, or pluck daily will be eliminated. 

When you work with our professional technicians at Williamsville laser hair removal, you can feel confident that our team is using the best possible technology to effectively, safely, and quickly remove your unwanted hair from any part of your body, and from any color of skin. Our new laser hair removal device offers quick and virtually painfree treatments. Call and ask us how 716-324-5525! Get that silky, smooth skin you want!